To buy Orbit or Not?

After researching and studying Orbit for almost a year, we recently decided to bring in the Orbit Stroller and cars seat system. A week before getting in the stroller in to our store, Consumer Reports came out with a report stating some very concerning results from their testing of the Orbit car seat.

In case you are a consumer reports, believe everything they say person, consumer reports tested infant car seats a couple of years ago and ended up having to retract the majority of their findings. This was a huge black eye for consumer reports because they did not install the car seats properly, according to the instructions which is what made the car seats fail. A little concerning that the ones that are testing something so important as a car sear for an infant can’t simply read the instructions and install it correctly.

With some lack of trust in what consumer reports says, my question to myself as a mom of a 1 year old is, “would I put my child in this car seat with all confidence?”

So I went back to the source to talk to the head engineer of the Orbit seat and let him tell me exactly why I should put my child in his car seat. Because at the end of the day, we as consumers have to trust someone that they have done their job and someone has watched over them to ensure this. After speaking in length with Bryan, the head engineer and designer as well as co-founder of Orbit, the skinny of it all is that consumer reports did not install the car seat correctly. Per Orbit, they did not use the instructions for the installation which caused the failure although Orbit strongly stands by the fact that they have not been able to duplicate Consumer Reports malfunction. Orbit also says that the Government that watches over these manufacturers to ensure that they uphold to certain standards also can not duplicate the malfunction.

I also hit a few reputable sites to see what they had found out as well. Here is one blog from a pretty good source if you want to take a quick read.

And if you still want more information, Orbit has gone on record about what Consumer Reports has come out with and you can read it here at as well as see the video. At Pippin McGee, we take our recommendations seriously. I personally will not carry any product that I will not put my child in or any children’s furniture that I will not put my child on. As a mom, safety is extremely important to me. Would I put my child in an Orbit Car seat, the answer would be yes.


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